Instruction and information

Flaxman Exchange

Marcia Farquhar’s Flaxman Exchange was the inaugural UCL Art museum’s artist commission. She lead, or mislead, a tour of the newly refurbished  Flaxman Gallery and other significant spaces of UCL; ‘to find out where you are going you must come’ …

The Open University

The Open University, Toynbee Studios, London

The Open University is a functioning outdoor lecture theatre constructed in a roadside refuse skip, as well as an ad hoc lecture series of variable proportions, presented in situ therein, on the subject of what is and what is not trash.

12 Shooters

12 Shooters, the book

An in-depth document of Marcia Farquhar’s collaborative 12 Shooters project (2007). The cloth bound book includes full-colour film stills, production stills, preparatory drawings and contextual documentation.