Split Guitars and Other Tales





Pick a card any card …

“Only six at a time can climb aboard and listen to the yarns of split guitars, broken cricket bats and wooden spoons. Direct the winds of fate to a story, chosen from hundreds that might have special significance for you. Commissioned in response to Lone Twin’s boat of memories, this intimate performance delves into the rich personal and social histories of objects. Enjoy lilting strains from Marcia’s sailor-boy band and mackerel fresh from the deep.”

And it all came to pass almost as advertised, the one-day-only sailor boy band, The Knots played sea shanties, ballads, hornpipes and Pugwash punk themes throughout a long and beautiful day while I spoke of Williez, pendulums, lacrosse bats, sea voyages and weathered spoons.




Commissioned by

The Basement as part of The Boat Project.

Thanks to

The Knots, a band for a day: Olivia Chaney, Peter Fraser, Sam Willan and Jem Finer