The Dangerous to Know Society

Marcia Farquhar leads her 'Dangerous to Know Society' tour at Newstead Abbey. Photo Julian Hughes

In an effort to prove the spirit of Byron alive and well, Marcia Farquhar has amassed a collection of testimonials and confessionals from the Byrons in her life, and the women who have loved them. Characteristically confusing fact with fiction and past with present, Farquhar will lead a tour of the house and grounds, mixing as she goes the histories of Newstead Abbey with her gathered tales of top-drawer debauchery. This may include some forced incidents of transferrence between the spirit and physical worlds.

In ‘That Beautiful Pale Face Is My Fate (For Lord Byron)’,

Macia Farquhar, The Dangerous to Know Society (relics) 2008. Photo David Sillitoe. 'installation view'

Commissioned by

Nottingham Contemporary, Newstead Abbey, Nottingham.