Marcia Farquhar: New Work Autumn 2005, including: (1) "The Londoners", a live soap in six episodes, Toynbee Hall, London, March 2005; (2) "Furball Revisited" (performance), in 'Sensitive Skin' season, NTU, Nottingham, 21 April 2005; (3) "The Pool of Fun & Games" (performance), Camberwell Leisure Centre, London, 10 June 2005; (4) "Beano to Blustons" (guided tour performance), Architecture Week/Home, London, 18-19 June 2005; (5) "From Under Milk Wood" with J. Maizlish (radio play in 8 episodes), produced for STAR Radio, Cardiff, Wales, July-October 2005; (6) "The Doctors & Dreamers Game" (performance), South London Gallery, 14 August 2005; (7) "Bingo Calling" (performance), Betsy Trotwood, London, 18 September 2005; and, (9) "The Cabinet of Horribly Violent Glove Puppets" (performance), De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-On-Sea, 24 November 2005, and in 'Imagine a World' for Amnesty International, London, 4 December 2005.
Credits for "The Londoners": Thank you to: Manick Govinda and Nikky Tomlinson of Arts Admin. Video Credits: Georgina Starr, Nathan Kelly, Uriel Orlow, Jem Finer, Tim Wainwright, Gary Stevens, Shanne Bradley, Julie Redmond, Lucy Newman. Photos: Jem Finer. Theme tune "The Londoners", composed by J. Maizlish Mole and performed by Marseille Figs. The Players: Ansuman Biswas, Reynir Hutber, Gary Stevens, Ella Finer, Marese McGrane, Franko B, Jem Finer, Tom McCarthy, Jack Brennan, Denna Cartamkhoob, J. Maizlish, Kitty Finer, Tim Wainwright, Eva Stenram, Peggy Atherton, Trine Nedreaas, Katy English, Sophie Richmond, Dorian McFarland, Erkka Nissinen, Amy Cheung, Lorna Milburn.
Credits for "Beano to Blustons": Curator Laura Godfrey Isaacs of Home, Mimi Banks, Blustons of Kentish Town, Owl Bookshop, Dr. Lorraine Gamman, Jemima and Jane.
Credits for "The Cabinet of Horribly Violent Glove Puppets": Thanks to: Lois Keidan and Daniel Brine of Live Art Development Agency, and curator Emma Underhill of Up Projects. J. Maizlish: total assistance and straight lines. Dave Veltman: construction. Photos and Videos: Uriel Orlow, Jem Finer, J. Maizlish.
Credits for "Alas Poor Humpty": Thanks to: Uriel Orlow and Michal Sapir. Photos and Video: Ella Finer.
Credits for "The Pool of Fun & Games": Thanks to: Laura Godfrey Isaacs and Mimi Banks of Home. Musical arrangements and accompaniment: Marseille Figs. Video: Jem Finer. Photos: Nathan Jones, Nathan Kelley.
Credits for "Bingo Calling": Thanks to: Laura Godfrey Isaacs and Mimi Banks of Home, Jem Finer, Tim Wainwright, Uriel Orlow, Nathan Kelly. Bing 1 and Bing 2: El and Den.
Credits for "Furball Revisited": Thanks to: Stella and co. at NTU. Video: Natasha Kidd.
Credits for "The Doctors And Dreamers Game": Thanks to: Kit Hammond of the South London Gallery, Uriel Orlow. Photos: Jem Finer.
Credits for "From Under Milk Wood": Thanks to: Jennie Savage of STAR Radio, Zoe King of CBAT. Photos: STAR RADIO and J. Maizlish