Absent Friends (Monkey House)

Absent Friends

Marcia Farquhar is a many-storied artist in whose work life and art are wilfully fused. Like Diane Arbus, to whose work she will be indirectly paying tribute, Farquhar has often been considered a contentious figure.

Tatton Park

The Horse is a Noble Animal, Tatton Park Biennale

Marcia Farquhar will be riding a life-size rocking horse across Tatton Park. This belated fulfillment of childhood wishes promises to deliver the full measure of oddly retarded adult behaviour, as the rider discusses equine matters, the role of the horse in the English psyche and the place of the young female rider from Freud to Thelwell.

The Omnibus

The Omnibus (30 hour performance)

At the National Review of Live Art in Glasgow, Marcia Farquhar hosts a marathon, live-in, 30-hour rumination on the subject of the last 30 years

To The Shelter

To The Shelter, Margate

On the late-winter afternoon of 13th February, Marcia Farquhar lead a short guided procession to the seaside shelter where TS Eliot sat in 1921